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Parent Code of Content

NCSC Parent Code of Conduct

North Canton Soccer Club is committed to respectful competition and the betterment of young athletes in the North Canton Community. Our parents model this actions to our players and opponents. As a family within our organization we require all parents to follow the rules outlined below:

  • Encourage all players with a supportive, positive language and tone.
    • No use of profane or abusive language.
    • No yelling or raising your voice to other individuals.
  • Respect all individuals during club events including but not limited to players, officials, coaches, spectators.
    • Let players play, coaches coach and officials officiate without comment or interference from spectators.
  • Ensure your children are prepared for club events and our on time.
    • Prepared includes healthy enough to participate in the event. We demand a high standard of athletic exertion. A player's ability to perform all activities is required.
    • Help our players ensure they have all the proper uniforms, equipment and hydration liquids needed for the event.
    • Please be on time to all events or let coaches know of planned arrival time.
  • Communicate with coaches on player’s availability for team and club events.
    • Coaches plan practices and game line-ups based on the number of players on the team. Missing players can cause disorganization and disruption to the team.
  • Support the club with in their actions, words and talents.
    • The club is serving the community we need the active support of our families to continue to provide a quality soccer program
    • The club will need volunteers and support from experts within the community to continue to serve our families.
    • The club will require a diverse board with passionate participants.
  • Have met the requirements for concussion and Lindsey’s Law awareness.
    • Concussion Protocol:
    • Lindsay’s Law:

Any violations of these rules will be punished by the club with suspension or removal from the club based on a decision of the board. 

Player Code of Conduct

North Canton Soccer Club is committed to all our players. As a player for North Canton Soccer Club we ask your commitment to:
  • Have fun and enjoy the game of soccer.
  • Performing at your best and giving maximum effort.
  • Follow the laws of the game.
  • Respecting all other players, coaches, officials and spectators during club events.
  • Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated. Any actions or words that could be considered bullying will be handled with suspensions from play.
  • Be prepared for practice and games with proper equipment, uniforms and hydration liquid.
Any violations of these rules will be punished by the club with reduced playing time, game suspension.


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